Why Do I need to provide proof of my change of name when this is the name I am known by?

Quite simply, you are entering a legal contract and it is imperative that there are no errors or inconsistencies in the documentation that is signed by you and presented to HM Land Registry.  It is not sufficient to advise that you wish to proceed with your application in the name you are known by if your legal documentation cites a different name.  Eg. Elizabeth Jayne Smith on a birth certificate.  On the marriage certificate, the name appears Lizzie Jayne Brown.  On Driver’s licence, the name appears Liz Jane Browne and on the passport, the name appears Liz Browne.  The title to the property is currently registered at HM Land Registry in the name of Elisabeth Jane Browne.

In the above example, there are five different versions of the one name.  It is important that we confirm the correct legal name with the correct legal spelling and the title at HM Land Registry and on your equity release application must all be in the full and correct legal title.

You will be required to provide documentary evidence to support the correct legal spelling of your name and you must also sign a statement of truth to confirm that the correct title is your correct legal name and the one that will appear at HM Land Registry upon completion of your transaction.

Unfortunately, name discrepancies such as this can lead to significant delays in equity release transactions and it is therefore important to provide all documentation as soon as possible to assist us with our enquiries.

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