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Equity Release Fees

Disbursements will be charged per case as follows:

Telegraphic Transfer fee £40
HM Land Registry downloads (per copy) £6
AML checks (per client) £6

Depending on the individual circumstances of your case, there may be a requirement for additional fees to be incurred on your behalf. If this is the case, you will be advised of this, in writing, at the outset of your case. However, if this requirement only becomes apparent at a later time, once we are in receipt of your Lender’s offer pack and are aware of your Lender’s requirements, we will immediately notify you of the additional costs to be incurred.

In the event that there are any additional elements which must be dealt with to ensure that your equity release proceeds, the following fees may apply:


Equity Release Supplemental Fee List
Assent (deceased proprietor) £150.00 – £350.00 (Depending on the Circumstances)
Change of Lender £200.00
Consultant Second Visit for any reason which is no fault of the company £150.00
Dismantling of a Trust To be determined per case dependent upon complexity
Equity Release involving any purchase aspect £575.00
Estate Rent Charge Compliance Review £75.00
Expedition of Land Registry Application £75.00
Insolvency £300.00
Insufficient funds to redeem existing charge and shortfall to be collected £100.00
Isle of Wight Supplemental Consultant Fee £300.00
Leasehold Title £150.00
Matrimonial Involvement £250.00
Power Of Attorney Involvement £250.00
Pre-Offer Issue Investigation Fee £250.00
Purchase of Freehold / Lease Extension £500.00
New Build Element £300.00
Removing one or more proprietors from the Title £200.00
Second and subsequent charge/debt Restriction registered against your title £50.00 per charge debt
Solar Panels present £150.00
Secured Loan in respect of Commercial Lending £150.00
Septic Tank compliance review £75.00
Statement Of Truth (Name and Address discrepancy) £75.00
Title Deeds to be changed from Tenants in Common to Joint Tenants or Vice Versa £150.00
Title Defect To be determined per case dependent upon complexity
Title has restriction(s) which must be dealt with as part of the transaction £150.00 – £300.00*
Transfer of Title into Joint Names £150.00
Unregistered Land £300.00
Deed of Variation (drafted by other party) £300.00
Deed of Variation (drafted by Adlington Law) £500.00



*The amount of work involved in these matters can vary. A range is given rather than a fixed fee.

*To be determined per case – dependent upon complexity


This list is not exhaustive and should any additional element arise which is more unusual we will, of course, immediately contact you to discuss the fixed fee element for dealing with that particular issue.

Time Involved in Dealing with your Transaction

Every case will vary depending upon its own circumstances and, therefore, this will invariably impact upon the time it takes to complete your transaction.

Once we have fully reviewed your offer and have full details of your individual circumstances, we will endeavour to provide you with an estimate with regard to the proposed timescale of your transaction. However, you should be aware that this is only an estimate and, if we are reliant upon any other third parties, these timescales can, unfortunately, be extended outside of our control.

We will keep you constantly up to date with the progress of your transaction and will continue to keep you appraised of the timescales throughout so that we can help you to understand the process and manage your expectations with regard to the estimated time of completion.

*the figure quoted is an average fee which assumes the transaction will be straightforward with no added elements.’

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