Diversity Policy

At Adlington Law we treat everyone the same regardless of any culture.  Respect is our key focus.  Every person is treated as an equal whether it be the Senior Partner or the Cleaner. Our aim is to support every member of staff and provide a foundation for them to come into work and pursue their chosen career path, whether that be a person who is looking for a position to see them through to retirement or a member of staff with aspirations of qualification and progression to whatever level they wish to achieve.

Our own Director qualified by an alternative route, working full time in a legal fee earning role whilst studying at evenings and weekends.

Adlington Law do not look solely at your educational background and place this at the forefront of decision making when we look to recruit new staff members.  We look to the person.  Who are they? Do they believe in mutual respect for everyone else regardless of position or stature? Do they have a good work ethic? What experience do they have?

We believe that in a working environment, respect is the most important quality a person can have.  We must learn to respect each other and also provide our clients with the respect that they deserve, pursuing our ethos of “Treat others the way you wish to be treated”.  Only then can we achieve true diversity and equality in the workplace.

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