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Our website sets out how Adlington Law Limited provides legal services.  Your use of this website indicates that you accept our terms and conditions of usage.

Terms of Use

Your use of our website and/or any communications you send through the website does not automatically create a solicitor/client relationship and should not be construed to do so.  In addition, should you send any email through this website, it will not be classed as confidential and will not be protected by privilege.

Unfortunately, we are unable to maintain any confidentiality in respect of communications sent through this website and we would request that you do not send us any information with specific reference to any legal matter unless and until you create a formal client relationship with ourselves.

You should be aware that we are unable to accept any new clients before we have first determined whether or not there may be any potential conflict of interest with any of our existing or former clients.

Should you wish to formally instruct Adlington Law Limited to act on your behalf, please request personal contact.   We are unable to consider any email regarding instructions other than a request for personal contact.

Reliance on Information posted

Adlington Law Limited take all reasonable care to ensure that the content on our website is accurate and complete.  You should be aware that the information contained in our website is for general purposes only and should not be accepted as legal advice.  Adlington Law Limited confirm that no representation or warranty in relation to information which  appears on our website, whether express or implied, is made in respect of its accuracy or completeness and you should not rely upon this information.  You should always seek legal advice in respect of your own circumstances and not rely upon the content within this website.

Adlington Law Limited exclude all liability for any loss or damage resulting from an individuals reliance upon any information or content within this website, including any audio information.

Adlington Law Limited do not accept liability for any views represented by any individual author providing content for this website and any individual view may not reflect the view of Adlington Law Limited or other individuals within the firm.


This website may contain indirect advertising by publishing results of individual cases and you should be aware that prior results in one matter will not guarantee a similar outcome in other cases.  All cases are dependent upon their individual merits and before instructing Adlington Law Limited, you should satisfy yourself that we are able to assist you in your legal transaction.


Adlington Law Limited have no affiliations to other companies.  Any links which may be provided on our website are provided for the convenience of our clients.  As such, Adlington Law Limited cannot be responsible for the privacy or protection of any person in respect of any information which a person has provided whilst visiting any such websites.

Before providing any information to any website, you should always consider the privacy statement applicable to that website and satisfy yourself that you are comfortable with those individual policies.

Equally, Adlington Law Limited are not responsible for the operation or content of any external websites which may contain a link to our own website and we would disclaim all liability in this regard.

Should you wish to create any link to this website from another website or document, you must not do so without our prior consent.  Should you wish to obtain consent, please contact: enquiries@adlingtonlaw.co.uk


Adlington Law Limited operate a zero tolerance in relation to any attempt to commit bribery or corruption.

All staff of Adlington Law Limited are required to act honestly and with full integrity at all times and must never accept or offer any gifts or hospitality which could be seen to improperly influence decision making within the business environment.  Adlington Law Limited will not, whether directly or indirectly, engage in any bribery or corruption in any form.

Adlington Law Limited and its’ employees comply with relevant anti-bribery laws and regulations.

Governing Law

Use of this website and the legal notices contained on the website shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the law of England and Wales and all parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


Adlington Law Limited uses technology to collect information about the use of our website to enable us to assess and continually improve upon the experience of all users of our website.

So that we may collect the information we require, this website uses cookies.  For further information please see our cookie policy.


All rights are reserved in respect of the copyright with regard information contained within this website and is the property of Adlington Law Limited, unless otherwise stated.

Should you wish to print or download any information contained within our website and keep it for your own personal use then you are free to do so.  In addition, you may distribute copies of any material from this site to third parties for their own personal use.  You may only do so if :

  • All content and copyright notices are intact;
  • The information must not be used for any illegal purpose of in a manner that would bring the name of Adlington Law Limited or any of its’ employees into disrepute;
  • You, or any associate of yours, do not raise any charge for the provision of any information which has been obtained from this website;
  • You must inform any receiving third party that the terms within this website apply and any third party must also agree to these term
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