Homemade v Professional

There is no requirement for your Will to be drafted by a Solicitor. You can, if you like, draft your own Will at home.

All you must do is make sure your Will is in writing, that you sign it and that your signature is witnessed by two independent witnesses.

However, when you are considering making a Will if you instruct a solicitor you get much more than just the physical document. You get someone who has the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that the document not only complies with the law but absolutely fits your needs and wishes. You get advice regarding inheritance tax and potential claims against your estate. You also get someone to ask questions you might not have thought about when considering your Will.

Instructing a solicitor may cost a slightly more than that DIY Will from the Post Office or than instructing a Will writer, but having the peace of mind that the document you have executed is the best document for you is surely worth the extra money.

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